TECSAR has increased its level of expertise to cater to our client’s expanding business needs from conceptual design to startup. Process, Piping/Mechanical, Civil and Instrument/Electrical Professional Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management services are provided in a turnkey manner. Having the ability to provide these integrated services at competitive costs, together with progressive management policies, has enabled Tecsar to be successful in attracting major long-term and alliance contracts.

TECSAR specializes in brownfield and debottleneck projects related to the petrochemical industry. Tecsar understands that plant expansion, capacity increase, technology enhancement; including process and environmental upgrades integrated into operational facilities; involve creativity, technological experience and functionality.

Many of TECSAR's industrial clients require complete Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) services as a supplement to their own resources. The extent which Tecsar supplements a client’s in-house expertise varies between clients and project content. The support Tecsar provides is tailored to suit the client’s needs. To enhance Tecsar’s own resource capabilities, Tecsar has formed alliances with engineering and construction companies all catering to specific requirements and expertise.

TECSAR's project philosophy is to assemble personnel representing a project team, operating in a network environment with the client’s project execution team. Our focus is to provide our clients with engineering solutions to increase their success in a competitive environment, while following Tecsar’s single mission statement:

“Provide a quality product based on the principles of Quality Management and Continuous Improvement”.

Whether our clients require engineering support for a multi-million dollar green field project or a series of sustaining capital projects located within their current plant, TECSAR can provide the engineering services required to complete a quality project.